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Health Professions Student Group

TCNJ Students from any major can now be added to the “Health Professions Student Group,” enabling these students to receive email notices of events, webinars, and other opportunities and information (to which we have access) from the Medical Careers Advisory Committee related to careers in the health professions.

This group affiliation will be noted in PAWS, so that your advisor can see it as well.

However, please note the following:

  • It does not provide automatic preferential treatment for enrollment in any courses which might be outside of their degree requirements, yet recommended or required for future health professions study
  • It does not negate the need for individual advisement by the student’s advisor
  • It does not guarantee successful application or admission to a health professions graduate study program
  • It cannot alone provide all resources, deadlines and information required for a given student’s pathway to further study for a health profession. Each student must also investigate such information and opportunities on his/her own.

To request designation in the Health Professions Student Group, please send an email to Helen Kull, at  She will send you a link to a form to complete, which once completed and submitted, will allow her to add you to the group within PAWS.


Health Professions Student Group - Click to Learn More