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What is the acceptance rate for TCNJ students at medical schools?

This is probably THE most “frequently asked question,” so we will do our best to answer it. Unfortunately, the answer draws from a variety of data sources with many different variables, and depending on how the question is posed, very different answers can be given, all of which may be accurate. For the sake of simplicity, we will provide a partial answer to the question, summarized in the list below.

For each year since 2009, the following list provides the number of unique TCNJ applicants or re-applicants to medical school (MD or DO degree-granting institutions), and the number of those who then matriculated at either an MD or DO program. The list does not include students already accepted at NJMS through the 7-Year BS/MD program, nor does it include other professional health degree programs, such as DDS, DMD, DVD, DPM, etc.

2009: 50 applicants; 33 matriculants (19/MD, 14/DO); 66%

2010: 60 applicants; 37 matriculants (24/MD, 13/DO); 61.7%

2011: 64 applicants; 39 matriculants (25/MD, 14/DO); 60.9%

2012: 84 applicants; 55 matriculants (36/MD, 19/DO); 65.5%

2013: 71 applicants; 46 matriculants (30/MD, 16/DO); 64.8%

2014: 72 applicants; 52 matriculants (34/MD, 18/DO); 72.2%

2015: 53 applicants; 30 matriculants (16/MD, 14/DO); 56.6%

2016: 74 applicants; 42 matriculants (29/MD, 13/DO); 56.7%

2017: 69 applicants; 47 matriculants (29/MD, 18/DO); 68%

2018: 72 applicants; 44 matriculants (26/MD, 18/DO); 61%

2019: 73 applicants; 44 matriculants (28/MD, 16 DO); 60%

2020: 62 applicants; 46 matriculants (28/MD, 18/DO); 74%

       2021: 69 applicants; 41 matriculants (26 MD, 15 DO); 59.4%



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