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Working with the MCAC

MCAC responsibilities

Advising – for courses, some program advisement; process advisement

  • More so for programs needing Committee LORs (Letters of Recommendation)
  • Less for programs where LOR sent directly to program
  • Provide website and hand-out advising materials

LORs and File Materials

  • Receive and retain LORs and other materials
  • Maintain student MCAC files
  • Review student’s file when complete for competitiveness

Determination of Committee Support

  • Review student’s file materials, and determine if a Committee Letter or Letter Packet will be prepared, or some of both
  • Notify each student of the committee’s support for their application
  • Prepare the appropriate indications of support (Committee Letters or Letter Packets)
  • Upload committee letters, letter packets, and individual letters to letter site

Application process guidance

  • Provide presentations to interested groups of students
  • Assist with questions


  • Website
  • Health Professions Student Group e-newsletters
  • Online resources: AAMC, AACOMAS, ADEA,
  • Conference attendance and advising network
  • Experience


Applicant responsibilities

  • Meeting various deadlines
  • Providing file materials
  • Providing ample time for others to provide materials (LORS, etc)
  • Requesting LORs,  and following up with evaluators
  • Requesting transcripts and other documentation
  • Submitting your own work
  • Reporting progress, interviews, acceptances and ultimate decision to MCAC


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